To be able to understand what Chakras are, you first must understand we are all made up of vibrating energy. These vibrations are known as energy zones or Chakras, and they flow through each of our bodies in different ways. Chakras can be described as spinning wheels of colorful energy located down the midline of your body. They are invisible to the eye for most people but can be measured with pendulums and seen through visualization.

If your Chakra wheels are slow and stagnant it will eventually manifest into illness and disease, whereas if they are over-active it will affect you at an emotional level. However, if your Chakras are flowing and spinning at a balanced pace you will experience peace, love, joy, and abundance. The best part is, the earth has given us wonderful gifts of crystal stones, and other mediums that can help balance your 7 Chakras and promote physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health.

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