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I’ve found my path to happiness, allow me to help you find yours.

My wife, Tessany, first introduced me to psychics as she had used them often in helping her build her hair salon. At my first reading something just “clicked”. I knew right then that this was something I was supposed to do. For the next two years I trained with renowned psychic trainer Reese SanAgustin, during that time I learned how to be psychic, to connect with and read people, to heal and to clear negativity from people’s lives.

2017 Has been a very tough year for me personally. I’m normally a very happy person but this year has had many challenges. Derek was very observant and noticed the changes in me and recommended a Chakra Clearing.I didn’t know what to expect with this process. I felt a little anxious at the beginning because I was nervous to what this would uncover. I’m a very private person and I have pushed feelings away my whole life. Right away I felt at ease with Derek. He talked me through cleaning each level. He was patient and calming. Even though we were doing this together it was also so private. He didn’t expect me to share what I was feeling unless I felt comfortable. Afterward I felt so calm and at peace but the real change came a few days later. I woke up in the morning and I felt this huge weight had been lifted off my shoulders. It was the most incredible feeling. I saw Derek a few weeks later and he instantly noticed a change in me. This was such a positive experience. I highly recommend Derek and this process.Erin Read more testimonials.

Derek’s Power and how he has changed my life!   I am Tessany Layher, Derek’s wife. Psychic readings were something I have enjoyed for the last 7 years. I have avoided dangerous situations, grown my business, reconnected with the love of my life and more recently found and cured health problems based on the advice of psychics. When Derek and I reconnected I introduced him to my psychic after she told me he was very psychic.

Derek’s training and ability to read.   We decided to go through her 2 year training course to fully open his life long gift. It has been such a fun and rewarding journey but when I got sick and no one could figure out what was wrong with me Derek was able to read me and find out there was something affecting my pituitary gland.

Results of Derek’s reading.   I asked my doctor to test anything associated with my pituitary gland and even though he giggled when I said my psychic  thought something was wrong, he did the tests. The following week he was intrigued that two of the tests that came back  showed a problem directly related to my pituitary gland, this information lead to a MRI that confirmed a tumor on my gland.

I was told I could just live with the multiple symptoms the tumor was causing because it was too small to do anything with. I asked Derek to read me and see if he could find a cure. He read me and said he saw me using a  cream, we looked up creams to cure my symptoms and I asked him if progesterone cream felt right, he said yes. My symptoms were gone in 2 weeks after using the cream and have never returned. My doctor was happy with his recommendation and had me continue the cream. Derek has helped multiple co-workers, friends, family members and even our psychic and he is now ready to share his gift with the world.


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2017 Has been a very tough year for me personally. I’m normally a very happy person but this year has had many challenges. Derek was ...


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