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Our Team

Derek Layher

Healer, Psychic, and Visionary

My wife Tessany, first introduced me to psychics as she has used them often to help her build her salon. Skeptical at first, everything changed once I had my first reading. I knew immediately I was called to do this work. Tessany and I trained for two years on opening up our abilities and in the last three years I have witnessed miracles. I have healed stage 4 cancer, breast cancer, ovarian cyst, kidney stones and completely gotten rid of tumors. I can ease depression, anxiety, and can help with bi polar disorder. I can also relieve pain. Including migraine headaches.

My goal is for everyone to run at their best, without pain, and truly enjoy life.

From a four hour chakra clearing to a 20 minute energy cleanse. I promise you will feel better once you visit our business and become one of our new friends.

Tessany Layher

Small Business Owner, Master Manifestor, Magic Enthusiast, Life Coach, and Spiritual Intuitive

“We found our happiness, let us help you find yours."

My journey started as a high school drop out, teen mom twice by nineteen, two failed marriages and completely clueless on how to accomplish all the big dreams I had.

After discovering the rules of the law of attraction and realizing the things that were happening in my life were direct results of my thoughts and feelings as well as the stories my subconscious was programmed to tell me and not just crappy cards I had been dealt and destined to deal with. I was ready to change it!

I now have the perfect husband! I love him, I love our life together and I love the work we are doing, I love the 3 businesses we are building and the time we have with our children, I love being able to afford the things I desire and no longer worrying about money! I have created an amazing life for myself all through manifesting!

It is now my life goal to help as many people as I can create the life of their dreams!

Amber Jenson


“Life doesn't end with the body's death. The soul continues its journey beyond this life.."

I am a practicing medium of seven years. My main practice is to connect with those whom have crossed over. I do not consider myself a psychic, but I have a knowing and am extremely intuitive. The way it works for me is I open my internal channel, and spirit speaks to you through me by using symbols. scents, touch, feelings, a sense of knowing…all of my senses. I act as a translator to deliver the messages that will be the most helpful to you in love and light, to offer you whatever advancements spirit wishes to relay to you for your personal journey. 

Jamison Ryan

Tarot & Astrology 

Hello Beautiful Souls!

My name is Jamison, also known as Pretty Young Tarot, and I am a professional astrologer and psychic tarot reader!

I have been helping ascending souls since 2017 through astrological natal chart data analysis, by identifying past life karma and patterns and providing occult as well as psychological solutions for greater inner peace. I also specialize in karmic, Twinflame, and soulmate relationship chart analysis. I can identify past life karma between two souls, and give advice as to how to transcend these patterns for greater harmony within your union! Along with that, I can use current transits to predict potential obstacles and outcomes within your connection. 

As a psychic reader, I can tap into current and past timelines and obtain information about any sector of your life. So whether you need guidance pertaining to a relationship issue, career, or future opportunities, I can help you achieve greater clarity in one session.

I look forward to building a relationship with all my clients, and proving a trustworthy and judgement-free environment to express your needs and concerns! My goal is to be a dependable mystic you can always rely on to provide information and guidance necessary for your highest soul growth this lifetime!


Pretty Young Tarot

30 Minute Reading $65

45 Minute Reading $95

60 Minute Reading $125

Taylor Anic

Mediumship-Chakra Healing-Tarot

I have been professionally doing readings for about 8 years now. My readings combine my varied gifts to deliver the messages you most need to hear. 

30 Minute Reading $65

45 Minute Reading $95

60 Minute Reading $125

Heather Chase

Intuitive Tarot

Tarot Reading $38